List of Projects

Lubarika Church, D R Congo

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba through his ministry MHCD helps villagers to reestablish and develop production methods, etc. The nearby village of Lubarika suffered horrendous attacks from rebels some years ago and MHCD has supplied grain and goats to help the village become productive and prosperous. However, in a recent storm, their ‘home made’ church of reeds and grass was destroyed and some folk were injured. MHCD has undertaken to assist them in building a more substantial building. The cost of such a building is expected to be about US$10,000 (AUD $14,000). Some money has come in locally and Luc has registered this project with BMi.

Peter Frogley visited this village in 2018 and saw their maize crops and goats followed by a village meeting where the people expressed their appreciation for all that MHCD is doing to help them.

If your church is interested in pursuing this project please contact the BMi office for further details. Bear in mind that it is not necessary for one church to raise all the money as any amount would be a blessing to these people.

MHCD Luvungi Education Fund

This project was established by Highlands Christian Church in Mittagong in 2018 after Pastor Darren Hessenberger’s visit to D R Congo. The fund is already supporting a number of students in the school at MHCD. The school is growing rapidly with well over 1300 students, many of whom come from profoundly poor backgrounds. The best way to support this school is by undertaking to provide the $15/month fee for one or more of the students who are unable to afford it.

Both Darren and Peter Frogley have visited this school and seen firsthand the hope it brings to many children who would otherwise be without education, and BMi commends this scheme to you and your church. For further information please contact the BMi office.

Church Building and Land, Murcia, Philippines

Pastor Leo and Arlene from the Murcia church were present at the 2019 International Gathering and many BMi pastors and leaders were able to fellowship with them.

Southern Life Church in Moruya are planning to begin construction of a new church building at Murcia in early 2020. Southern Life are underwriting the construction of the building, but land needs to be purchased to build it on.

There is land available at the building site and we would obviously like to have as much land as possible around the building. The minimum purchase of land (255 square metres, which would contain the building only) would cost around $AUD15,000, whilst a larger area of 500 square metres would cost around $AUD25,000.

If you are interested in contributing to the purchase of the land please contact the BMi office for further details.